Personal Insurance

Providing Financial Relief

Personal Insurance includes Death, Trauma, Disability & Life Insurance.

When tragedy strikes we know how a sound insurance strategy can provide financial relief so clients can focus on their recovery, not on paying the bills.

Just as you cannot build a house without foundations, most investment planning requires insurance to underpin your assets, and protect them against loss. The most critical of your assets are naturally you yourself, and your ability to work.

If you no longer work, it is probable that your need for personal insurance has finished. If you’re still working however, there is a very real chance that there is a gap between where your finances are now, and where you would ultimately like to be. Insurance fills that gap.

Cachewise (formerly Makeham Financial Services) has been helping clients decide on appropriate levels of cover for many years now. We advise on Life , Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection and Trauma Insurance.